Our People

We are known for our Botanically Brewed and exquisitely crafted soft drinks and mixers but behind the scenes there’s a whole lot more to our Fearless World.

Welcome to our Head Office

Fearless House is not just an office in the conventional sense, the home of most of our people but also remains the place where our flavours are still created. The teams you’d probably expect in our business are based here:- Customer Service, Finance, Marketing, People & Experience and Supply Chain, but you’ll find them rubbing shoulders with the Flavour Creators, Innovators and Developers who bring our famous flavour filled moments to life.

Our Values

As a growing and ever developing business, continuous improvement and change is our norm. So, it’s important our values remain at our foundation, shaped by the people they matter to – our team. From the decisions we make to the drinks we produce, our values determine our ideal approach.

  • Innovative – We are agile and embrace change
  • Belief – We dream big and are not scared to fail
  • Collaboration – We work together to achieve our goals
  • Quality – We strive to be the best at what we do
  • Integrity – We trust our people to do the right thing

Our Success Stories

We’re proud of what we achieve at Fentimans, with a rich history of Botanically Brewing premium quality drinks with knowledge and expertise that has been passed on from generation to generation of the Fentimans family.

This knowledge and expertise translates into every part of our organisation with many individual success stories continuing to demonstrate the passion, knowledge and expertise of our current team.

  • Phil, Customer Service Supervisor

    As someone who started out as a temporary Customer Services representative, I never expected to find a long-term career with Fentimans.

    However, the company's core values of collaboration, quality and integrity really made an impression with me from the beginning, and I quickly became invested in the success of the business.

    Over time, I’ve developed an understanding of the export side of the business, which was new to me and have used this knowledge to serve our customers better. When the opportunity came up to become a full-time customer services representative, I jumped at the chance, eager to take on more responsibility and contribute to the company's growth. I’ve been able to succeed in my role and soon got another promotion to Customer Service Supervisor.

    Working with great people has been key to my success, and I am proud to be part of the Fentimans team.

  • Nasrin, Transformation Manager

    Wow, the past four years at Fentimans has been a wild ride for me! Starting out as Demand Planning & Reporting Manager, I quickly realised that Fentimans was all about innovation, collaboration, and integrity.

    I’m always encouraged to come up with new ideas and brainstorm with others to make them happen. As I got more experience, I was able to incorporate these values into my own leadership style.

    Now, as a Senior Manager, I lead a team that also believe in these values and work hard to make them a reality every day. I'm grateful for everything Fentimans has done for me and excited to keep growing with them!

  • Gareth, Fentimans UK Sales Controller on a rocky mountain

    Gareth, UK Sales Controller

    I’m the UK Sales Controller at Fentimans. I live in the North East with my partner and have 3 children, you can probably imagine they keep me busy outside of work so I no longer get to play as much golf as I would like.

    I joined Fentimans in October 2021 as Sales Controller for the In Home team. In April 2023 I became the UK Sales Controller assuming responsibility for the Out of Home team as well. Essentially my role involves supporting the team as we try to make Fentimans available to more people.

    There are many things I enjoy about working at Fentimans. The high level of autotomy is great and makes me feel valued and above all trusted. I love the fact that we are actively encouraged to do things differently and challenge where possible. Above all i enjoy the feeling that we are one team and together we all want to drive the business forward.

  • Elena, Supply Chain Manager

    I enjoy and look forward to coming to work every day because of the amazing people I work with! This place is full of opportunities and I have been given plenty since I joined.

    I feel challenged, valued and trusted in this company and I feel it is a place where people can really fulfil their potential!

Our Events

The wellbeing and engagement of our team is our utmost priority and with this in mind, we enjoy an active annual social calendar with a number of clubs, events and ad hoc activities offering something for everyone.

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