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How do I store my drinks?

The ideal storage conditions for unopened drinks are in a cool dark environment. Storage in cool conditions away from light will protect colours and flavours. Please avoid exposing our drinks to direct sunlight for prolonged periods as this can cause fading of the natural colours that we use.

An ambient or room temperature of around 10°C - 20°C will be suitable for non-chilled storage but we would advise against exposing our drinks to temperatures exceeding room temperature for prolonged periods. Drinks must never be stored in a freezer as this is likely to cause the bottle or can to burst.

Why is there sediment in the bottle?

Fruit and vegetable concentrates are used in Fentimans drinks and these natural juices may form a sediment during prolonged storage, if you observe this in your bottle of Fentimans, don’t worry as this will not affect the taste, just gently upend prior to drinking.

Vigorous shaking should be avoided as it may cause fobbing when the bottle is opened.

Is Fentimans safe to drink while pregnant?

While the alcohol content of our soft drinks and mixers does not exceed 0.5%, we would always advise that consumers check with their GP on what to eat and drink while pregnant.

What is the caffeine content in your Curiosity Cola and Cherry Cola?

The caffeine content of both drinks in a 275ml bottle is 40mg.

How best to serve a Fentimans Botanically Brewed drink?

We would advise that Fentimans soft drinks and mixers are chilled prior to consuming to achieve the best experience.

How long will my drink be ok for consumption after opening?

When the product is opened, please keep refrigerated and consume within 3 days.

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