Longest Advert Ever

We’ve just launched the #LongestAdvertEver lasting a whole 7 Days to celebrate the craft of Fentimans' time-honoured Botanical Brewing process. A slowww and complex process = A flavour to remember.

Whilst the liquid Botanically Brews, watch our Master Brewer learn Bulgarian​, juggle oranges​, create beautiful origami roses​ and play the didgeridoo amongst many other activities, as he tries to keep himself entertained🤸‍♂️. Just in case you don't have 168 hours to watch Fentimans #LongestAdvertEver – Here’s a 60 second timelapse:

#LessHasteMoreTaste #SavourTheFlavour #Fentimans7Days #FentimansBotanicallyBrewed #FentimansExquisitelyCrafted

Although we don’t actually Botanical Brew in a field, we do Botanically Brew this way in Fearless House, our HQ in Hexham, Northumberland, the same way we have since 1905.

To learn more about our Botanical Process, visit this link