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Fentimans Light!



A new year is a new beginning, so why compromise on great flavour when trying to reduce your calorie intake. With more and more people seeking permissible, great tasting drinks with fewer calories, the talented team here at Fentimans have created a range of ‘light’ drinks with all the authentic flavour of a Fentimans classic soft drink, but now with less than 60 calories per bottle.


The drinks have been created by adopting the same botanical brewing method Fentimans have been using for over 100 years, where milled ginger root and selected botanicals are fermented for seven days.


Fentimans ‘light’ drinks are available in three flavours: Rose Lemonade, Sparkling Raspberry and Gently Sparkling Elderflower. We think they are great. We hope you enjoy them too!


Available nationwide at Sainsburys and online via Amazon, Ocado and Drink Supermarket.


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