Did you spot our adverts?

21 Oct, 2019
Did you spot our adverts?
Botanicals Botanicals

Developed by our creative agency The Corner, our 'Wild Garden' advertising campaign celebrates the flavour packed into every bottle of Fentimans. 

Here's a note from our Marketing Director, Andrew Jackson:

“The new brand comms campaign, with its core message of delicious flavour derived from natural botanicals, aims to attract a younger consumer audience into the Fentimans brand.

“We know from our insight work that flavour and quality ingredients are key preference drivers in the category, and when consumers discover Fentimans, their flavour expectations are usually exceeded. This burst of media, supported by a marketing spend of £1.2m, is another significant building block as the brand gears up for significant growth in both the premium soft drinks and mixer categories in the years ahead”

Fentimans Wild Garden advertising

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