Welcome to Fentini Club

Welcome to Fentini Club

Do you know when the first-ever cocktail was designed?

You might be surprised to discover that despite a lot of speculation, nobody can pinpoint when the term was first coined, although there are suggestions it was in New Orleans back in the early 1800s…

While their history remains rather uncertain, one thing is for sure – the classic cocktail is adored all around the globe.

That got us thinking – which are the world’s favourite cocktails? We wanted to be able to able to tell cocktail sippers from around the world what the most popular tipples are in their nation.

Here at Fentimans, we’re lucky to play a role in the world’s love for cocktails, with a number of our mixers and soft drinks being used as the perfect pairing – whether it be the more commonly used tonic water and lemonade or the rather extravagant Curiosity Cola, we’re pleased that our drinks get to feature in a host of concoctions…

The global index score is calculated by indexing all of the individual scores (Instagram score, monthly search volume, TikTok score, and Twitter score).

Click into each individual cocktail to find out more about each of the different metrics, such as Instagram score and monthly search volume...

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Key Figures

  • Monthly Searches

  • Instagram Hashtags

  • TikTok Hashtags

Social Index

The social index scores are as follows: the Instagram score is the total number of hashtags on Instagram. The TikTok score is the total number of hashtags on TikTok. And, finally, the Twitter score is the percentage of positive tweets regarding each cocktail.

  • Instagram Score

  • Twitter Score

  • TikTok Score

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In order to discover the most popular cocktails around the world, we used a host of different variables, including Instagram score, Google search data, TikTok data, and Twitter sentiment. Click below to find out more.

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