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The Perfect Jubilee Cocktail

With the Queens Jubilee just around the corner, we're dreaming of summer days, party food, and of course, cocktails. 

A Jubilee Mule is the perfect show stopper for any Jubilee celebration, which can be enjoyed all summer long! 


200ml Fentimans Ginger Beer

60ml Vodka

¼ English cucumber (diced)

¼ English cucumber (sliced)

½ lime (cut into 2 wedges)

5 fresh mint leaves


1. Muddle mint leaves in a cocktail shaker until crushed.

2. Add diced cucumber and 2 lime wedges.

3. Muddle until cucumber is crushed and limes have been juiced.

4. Add more ice and vodka.

5. Cover the shaker and shake until the outside has frosted.

6. Strain the cocktail into a glass, top with ginger beer.

7. Garnish with sliced cucumber.

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