Botanical Tonic Water

Botanicals to Bottle!

A complex mixer containing a delicate combination of floral and herbal flavours. Earthy notes of Hyssop and Myrtle are counterbalanced by a natural sweetness and the sharpness of Quinine.


Often used as an aromatic herb and medicinal plant, Hyssop, a member of the mint family, contains an intriguing and distinctive aroma.  It is also used as a herbal flavouring in a wide range of food and drink.

Infusions of Hyssop are used to add depth of flavour to our range of mixers.

Available In

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  • 125ml

    This is our out of home format and served behind a variety of bars and restaurants throughout the UK.
  • 200ml

  • 500ml

    This is our retail sharing bottle. Take home to enjoy with your favourite spirit.


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