Bitter Lemonade

Available in 125ml, 500ml.

Made with the juice of real lemons for real refreshment and a bitter dimension, our Bitter Lemonade takes some beating and is delicious with Vodka.

“The brewing adds delicious complexity - The Sunday Telegraph“

Thanks to the distinctive lemons of Spain, this Bitter Lemonade gives off the aroma of freshly sliced lemons with a hint of bitterness to balance this sweet drink.

Botanical flavour
The initial hit of bitter lemons is infused with natural quinine to turn the classic cloudy lemonade into a modern mixer. The herbal infusion of speedwell and juniper berry are prominent in the mouth to ensure the lemon flavour does not overpower the taste buds.

After notes
This lip-smacking drink is dry and moreish with a strong aftertaste of juniper berries and spiky mouth feel of lemon zest.

“A classic partner of vodka or tequila, the Bitter Lemonade enhances the accompanying spirit’s ingredients as they dance with each other around the mouth.”

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