Each recipe in the Fentimans Gin Bakery showcases one of our premium mixers which you can perfectly pair with a gin of your choice.
Pick your favourite, gather your ingredients and pour yourself a G&T.

Whisks at the ready, let the baking be-Gin!

Explore our recipes below.

The Fentimans Gin Bakery was brought to life at Pearl and Groove bakery on Notting Hill’s Portobello road over the weekend of 21st – 23rd September. Sophie Faldo, winner of last year’s Great British Bake Off opened the Pop-Up and we sold delicious Gin and Tonic cakes featuring our range of premium mixers with the matching G&T drinks throughout the weekend!

Recipe credit:
Recipes created by Cuppies and Cream (www.hellocuppies.com) & Briony Who Bakes (www.brionywhobakes.com)

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