‘Faithful to the Originals’

NEWS Fentimans Launches 'Rule Botanicals' Competition As part of this year's celebration of all things British, the Fentiman family, famous for its botanical brews, is set to launch a 'Rule Botanicals' competition, which will mean four lucky winners will enjoy a holiday in a stately home in one of the four corners of Britain. Eldon Robson, Fentimans managing director and master brewer, anticipates an enthusiastic response to the competition: "The stately homes will belong to the lucky winners – well, for up to a week, anyway! We have taken a slightly old-fashioned approach to this competition, in keeping with our strapline, 'faithful to the originals', and we have come up with a traditional two questions and a tie-breaker competition. We are offering four winners, plus family and friends too of course - all of these stately homes have plenty of bedrooms - the opportunity to enjoy their exclusive 'Downton Abbey' experience." The locations for these possible prizes are Smith's Castle (a fifteenth century castle in County Clare, Ireland), Caradoc Court (a Jacobean manor house in Herefordshire), Winton House (an estate in East Lothian, Scotland) and Gaer Hall (a manor house in the Severn Valley, Wales). Four of the Fentimans range of flavours, the Ginger Beer, Victorian Lemonade, Dandelion & Burdock and Rose Lemonade, will have distinctive 'Rule Botanicals' limited edition labels over the next few months and should be available in retail outlets from the end of June. The appeal should be immediate, says Eldon: "These locations are all stunning and I think that our winners will have a lot of fun being Lord and/or Lady of the Manor. In addition to the stay at a stately home, entrants to the 'Rule Botanicals' competition could also win prizes which include seated titles for one or two people, a certificate to prove that they own a piece of land and the opportunity to have their own coat of arms designed." Entrants are asked to answer two questions and complete the sentence: 'Botanicals rule because…'
"Botanical brewing is at the heart of what we do, so it seems an appropriate question to ask", suggests Eldon.

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