‘Faithful to the Originals’

NEWS Drink the music In February 2012, Fentimans launched a new product: Fentimans Cherrytree Cola. This was produced in collaboration with Cherrytree Records. The Cherrytree Cola bottle has been used in promotional material for the bands included in the Cherrytree Records sell-out 2012 European tour, which included LMFAO (their single 'Party Rock Anthem' has had in excess of 400 million hits on Youtube and the Cherrytree Cola is featured in the accompanying video) and The Far East Movement. 20 foot high inflatable Cherrytree Cola bottles were prominently positioned on-stage across Europe on the tour. Originally, this new Fentimans flavour was launched in the States in 2011 spearheaded by the CEO of Cherrytree Records, Martin Kierszenbaum.  A fan of Fentimans Curiosity Cola, Mr. Kierszenbaum approached Fentimans to develop a Cherrytree Cola.  Cherrytree Records launched in 2005. Lady Gaga's multi-platinum The Fame and The Fame-Monster albums were issued by Cherrytree Records and the label has a commitment to introducing artists with their own unique styles and sounds which do not necessarily conform to the mainstream, instead offering a 'pop alternative'. Mr Kierszenbaum explains that Cherrytree Records is a catalyst for innovation and promotes artistic collaborations. "This particular collaboration is rather different but I am delighted that Fentimans - a company with a distinguished provenance - was able to produce a Cherrytree Cola for our European tour. Like the music we strive to release on Cherrytree Records, Fentimans Cherrytree Cola is tasty, fun and innovative." Eldon Robson, Fentimans managing director and master brewer, anticipates a new audience for Fentimans: "When we heard about the European tour, we decided to make the most of this - and the constant requests for stockists of Cherrytree Cola in the UK, following the success of LMFAO's 'Party Rock Anthem' - so we are currently producing Fentimans Cherrytree Cola for the UK and European countries including Sweden, Spain, Germany, France and Norway. Obviously, this association with Cherrytree Records – and the brands are compatible in that both offer original 'pop alternatives' – will also introduce Fentimans to a younger audience across Europe, who I hope will keep buying Fentimans long after the tour is finished."